Sanam Emami exhibits work at the Schaller Gallery, visits Keene State College

Sanam Emami’s Zeerkhaki // pottery from the ground was exhibited in January at the Schaller Gallery in Baroda, Michigan. This is the first of three exhibitions prompted and inspired by specific historical pottery forms from Iran. Emami’s body of work is a bridge between historical pots created along the trading routes of the Silk Road […]

Matthew Sage to release collaborative album “Shabason, Krgovish, Sage”

Matthew Sage’s collaborative album with Joseph Shabason, a celebrated composer and saxophonist from Toronto, and Nicholas Krgovich, a songwriter from Vancouver, was announced for an April 5th release on Idée Fix Records. Shabason, Krgovich, Sage was recorded over 4 days in March 2023 in Sage’s house in Berthoud, Colorado.

Dave Riep’s exhibition catalog for Shattering Perspectives published

David Riep’s exhibition catalog for Shattering Perspectives: A Teaching Collection of African Ceramics was published in Fall 2023. It features his original research on African pottery, as well as the research of students. Del Harrow, Lynn Boland, Patricia Coronel, and Brenna McWhorter wrote contributing essays. For this catalog. Additionally, Riep’s chapter on South Sotho Lithoko […]

John Gravdahl chosen by Graphis to be featured for Master Portfolio

John Gravdahl was simultaneously named by the Graphis Institute for their Master Portfolios site and featured with a professional profile and interview in the Graphis Journal #379. The Graphis Masters Portfolios website will archive a feature on Gravdahl’s work. A synopsis of his interview, a professional profile, and examples of his accomplishments are available on […]