Galleries & Spaces

large art piece in exhibition

Hatton Gallery


The Hatton Gallery is our professional gallery hosting the work of national and international artists, as well as artwork by visiting artists, undergraduate and graduate students. Exhibitions are often organized by our faculty in conjunction with their research. It also supports the Fort Collins art community and hosts the Poudre School District's K-12 Annual Art Exhibition. Located in G101, across the hallway from the Art office.

Directions Gallery


The Directions Community Gallery provides space for staff and graduate students to exhibit their work, as well as hosts our annual Alumni Invitational Show and Scholarship Recipients Exhibition. Located in room K101, with access from Meridian avenue, across from Canvas Stadium.

Digital Performance Space


The Digital Performance Space is a platform to showcase experimental work in the sound and performative media. Experimental in nature, the DPS Space is a gathering hub for like minds from CSU and the larger Fort Collins Community. A focus on XR/VR, synthesizers, midi-controllers, and real-time performances are all part of the experience. Located in H112, with access off Pitkin Street.

K012A Office


Located in Aitor Lajarin-Encina's office, K102A Office is dedicated to offering a space for artists and other cultural producers to develop contemporary art and culture projects with related pedagogical experiences for, from, and with the CSU-Fort Collins-Colorado community, enrich the local cultural environment, and establish meaningful conversations with other communities and places.

The Glass Box

Glass Box Gallery

The Glass Box is shared between students in the areas of Metalsmithing, Fibers, Pottery, and Sculpture. Exhibition space for both undergraduate and graduate students can be secured on a weekly basis through the year. Located in P110A, with access from Pitkin Street.

The Mini Gallery


The Mini Gallery provides gallery space for undergraduate students on a weekly basis throughout the year. Students design and install their own exhibitions, providing them with valuable experience in exhibition design. Located in F102, with access from Pitkin Street.

Campus Museums & Galleries

Gregory Allicar Museum of Art

With a growing and diverse collection of approximately 3,500 works of art and dynamic programing, the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art is a cornerstone of Colorado State University’s arts initiatives and a link to alumni, Fort Collins, and our region. The museum is dedicated to educational vitality, embracing all audiences, and honoring a diversity of art making across time periods, geographies, and cultures.

Lory Student Center Arts Program

The Lory Student Center Arts Program, a division of Campus Activities, seeks to bring the visual arts to all students at CSU. There are three exhibition spaces in the LSC: the Curfman Gallery, Duhesa Gallery and the Hallery. Through a variety of exhibition opportunities, LSC Arts hopes to create an environment that welcomes emerging, nationally renowned, Native American, and student artists.

Avenir Museum

Through exhibitions, courses, and public programs, the Avenir Museum fosters the telling of global stories of people and their textiles, dress, and interior furnishings — how they are made and used, and what they mean to us all. Interested students can work with the collection of over 20,000 artifacts of Western and non-Western material culture.