Metalsmithing & Jewelry

metalsmithing student working on project

Explore the boundless artistic potential of metal.

Who We Are


Metalsmithing and Jewelry explores contemporary issues and ideas through engaged studio practice, research, and critical discussion. This interdisciplinary field cultivates creativity, craftsmanship, and design while engaging with the unique challenges of metalsmithing.  As a student in the concentration, you will explore a wide range of process and materials and learn how traditional skill intersects with modern technology. In addition to developing a strong technical background in the field, you will develop your own artistic voice and an understanding of professional practices. Whether you want to learn design and production techniques, start your own studio workshop, or develop a fine art practice, our Metalsmithing program encourages diverse perspectives and approaches to the medium while providing a solid foundation in the field.


The student-run Metalsmithing Guild supports professional growth through product and business development, event planning, networking with the larger metalsmithing field, and peer-based community building.


Develop traditional techniques & discover your contemporary creativity

Metalsmithing classes are focused on teaching a broad range of processes, skills, and concepts to express your unique, creative voice. You will receive a high level of technical training in metalsmithing and jewelry techniques, develop a keen eye for detail, learn how to both give and receive constructive criticism while exploring product design, project planning, and workflow efficiency. We encourage students to enter regional and national exhibitions, take part in workshops and conferences and connect with professionals in the field. Our program has a strong culture of mentorship between students that fosters dialogue, collaboration, and mutual artistic growth.

As with each of our concentrations, your coursework will be supported by our Foundations Program, giving you a visual language, a critical eye, and the technical skills to find your voice and participate in the advancing world of metals.

You will develop a cohesive body of work and leave the program with a competitive, original portfolio to help you forge a place for yourself within the field of Metalsmithing professionally, academically, or both.

Our Facilities


Immerse yourself in a world of tools & techniques. Our studio is well-equipped, with ample student access outside of scheduled class time. The 2,000 square foot Metalsmithing and Jewelry studio includes a large, well-ventilated main studio area outfitted with 24 jeweler’s benches, two large worktables, rolling flex-shafts, and a large selection of specialized hand tools. There are separate rooms for raising and forming, casting, enameling, buffing and grinding, welding, and blacksmithing processes.

The Visual Arts Building has its own dedicated Digital Fabrication Lab where you can learn 3D modeling & printing, the operation of laser cutters, & the use of CNC machinery. The Nancy Richardson Design center is a short walk away & several of our faculty members serve as instructors.


The studio also includes a flexible workspace used for artwork installation, group critiques, student meetings, & a space to ear, talk, & relax. Students have access to the Visual Art Building's Digital Fabrication Lab & Woodshop & computer labs. Students have access to a wide range of forming and forging anvils, stakes, and hammers, rolling mills, a draw bench, a 20-ton hydraulic press, multiple soldering and heating torch systems, drill presses, a B-2 Beverly shear and 12” guillotine-style shear, vacuum and centrifugal casting machines, enameling kilns, etching and patina processes, and buffing and finishing equipment. A MIG and TIG welder are available for use, as well as both a gas forge and coal-fired forge located in our 300 square foot blacksmithing shed.

Our Faculty

  • Haley Bates

    • Associate Professor of Metalsmithing
    • Graduate Advisor for Metalsmithing