Graphic Design

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We are committed to developing the next generation of thinkers and leaders in visual communication design for an increasingly complex world.

Who We Are


Colorado State University’s MFA Graphic Design program is an immersive 60-credit program that focuses on the designer as an agent of visual communication in society. With emphasis on conceptual problem-solving and technical proficiency, graduate students are encouraged to create effective expression and explore design as a platform to create new ways of thinking.

Our graduate students explore graphic design theory, history, and professional practices. Experimental solutions to student-created goals are expected from participants in this program. The department’s limited graduate population ensures that students in the MFA program engage with people and ideas from many other fields. Regardless of a student’s concentration, they will interact with faculty and peers in all specializations throughout their program of study.

Our graduate students explore graphic design theory, history, and professional practices.


The biennial Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition (CIIPE) is a collection from the world’s most distinguished poster artists and designers. Graduate students have the opportunity to participate in the organization and presentation of this event.

The Graphic Design MFA program has a very limited enrollment and we ask that you reach out to us to see when we are accepting new students before applying. Graduate students in our program must demonstrate a strong background in graphic design before being accepted. To learn more about application procedures, please see our admission requirements.


Hone your own voice and create new ways of thinking

Graduate classes in Graphic Design prepare students to step into leading roles in the ever-evolving landscape of visual communications, developing interactions and communications  addressing the world of today, and tomorrow. Graduate students are presented with vast opportunity to participate in an R1 research institution through interdisciplinary collaborations. Students often enroll in courses outside of the department to enhance their studio work and deepen their research.

The successful graduate student will develop an in-depth body of design work for an MFA qualifying exhibition. Students prepare a written thesis to accompany the MFA thesis body of work. They will present both their work and written thesis to their graduate committee in their MFA Thesis Defense.

Our Facilities


Graduate students occupy a semi-private studio on campus that is shared with other students. The Graphic Design area occupies approximately 4,000 square feet of studio space and includes a dedicated computer lab available for all graphic design students. The lab consists of Mac workstations equipped with current versions of Adobe Creative Suite and other popular, interactive media software. Peripheral printers, scanners, and servers are also provided in the lab.


The Visual Arts Building has its own dedicated Digital Fabrication Lab where you can learn 3D modelling and printing, the operation of laser cutters, and the use of CNC machinery. The Graphic Design concentration enjoys a close relationship with the Nancy Richardson Design Center and offers opportunities for art students to explore more aspects of design. Several of our faculty members serve as instructors and core faculty.

Our Faculty

  • Jason Frazier

    • Associate Professor of Graphic Design
  • John Gravdahl

    • Professor of Graphic Design
    • Co-Director, Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition (CIIPE)
    • Graduate Advisor for Graphic Design
  • Roberto Muntoreanu

    • Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

Interested in our MFA program?

Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Graduate Advisor for the concentration of their interest for more information or to schedule a tour about our MFA Program.