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Who We Are


Art is a form of communication that reaches people in a visceral way that bypasses stereotypes and embraces humanity, making it possible to have open conversations about difficult issues. Our Bachelor of Fine Art program is a comprehensive, professional degree for the studio art major that brings together research, exploration, and experimentation. Students who are drawn to this major enjoy being challenged and are ready to grow beyond their comfort zone. They are independent and curious and have a passion for learning.

As a student working towards your BFA in studio art, you will explore a variety of mediums and learn from experts in their craft. You will look back upon global art throughout the ages, different forms of visual communication, and its impact on society. Your studio experiences will help you gain the fundamental knowledge and mastery of process necessary to communicate meaning in a work of art. You’ll develop your own unique voice through interdisciplinary study, project implementation, and hands-on practice that combines technical and conceptual learning. Because of our 15 to 1 student to faculty ratio, you will receive individualized instruction in the classroom and the benefits of solid mentorship from our faculty.

We encourage our students to be engaged in the community of makers that our program supports.

2016-Electronic Arts Gallery

The Visual Arts building provides studio and laboratory spaces that encourage idea exchange and collaborative problem solving.

We have many active student-run guilds that support professional development, networking, and connection to visiting contemporary artists and their practices. Additionally, you will have opportunities to exhibit your artwork through our student galleries as well as across CSU’s campus.



As a student at a Research 1 university, you will be surrounded by scholars who are leaders in their field. You will have access to a wide range of facilities and resources. Your classes will ensure that your education is interdisciplinary and CSU’s All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC) offers a comprehensive education as a basis for your studio work.

As a first-year student, you will study Foundations courses in form and observation, color and composition, materials and space, and global art history. As a sophomore, you will become familiar with art practices in the concentration studios, housed in separate wings of our building, that feature large, well-equipped laboratory spaces designed to explore a specific medium.

As a junior and senior, you will focus on advanced topics in your chosen concentration. You’ll a develop a capstone project to demonstrate your research and creative artistry, and your work will be submitted to the BFA Juried Show, an annual exhibition at the Hatton Gallery that showcases the work of recent BFA graduates.

You will leave Colorado State University with the fundamental knowledge and mastery of media and processes necessary to communicate clearly about your own art and the art of others, along with the toolset necessary to build a creative, authentic life and contribute to society.