We are committed to creating an atmosphere of open critical exchange & a community of intense artistic practice that favors students' individual development as artists & thinkers.

Who We Are


Colorado State University’s MFA Drawing program is a 60 credit, self-guided program that embraces drawing understood in its broadest definition and open to interdisciplinary approaches. As one of very few graduate programs that focus on Drawing, our program is designed to benefit any artist interested in the exploration of drawing language elements, with or without an implicit relationship to paper. We focus on developing the artistic idiom of each artist.

Our graduate students make art in conversation with and complemented by the research of the contemporary field of drawing and drawing-related work. This includes theoretical concerns such as critical, philosophical, political, anthropological, social, and economic concerns.

Refine your work, research skills, & habits


All graduate students have a commitment to artistic practice and intellectual development, the refinement of work/research skills and habits, and are ready to design their own program of study. We actively seek racial, ethnic, and philosophical diversity in our graduate students.


Prepare for artistic production & intellectual & social exchanges

In addition to the Drawing professors, students have access to faculty from other disciplines, along with their choice of advisor and committee members. Before beginning thesis work, all students in our graduate program go through a qualifying process of review in which they will present their thesis proposals to the department's faculty. The successful graduate student will develop an in-depth body of drawing work for an MFA qualifying exhibition. Students prepare a written thesis to accompany the MFA thesis body of work. They will present both their work and written thesis to their graduate committee in their MFA Thesis Defense. It is our intention that the program will contribute to the formation of educated artists.

Our Facilities


Graduate students in Drawing receive semi-private studio spaces to use during the program, as well as access to all of the Visual Arts Building's facilities & workshops including the printmaking lab, computer labs, digital fabrication lab, sculpture workshops, & all of the offerings of a land-grand university


Our Faculty

The Drawing area has three full-time faculty dedicated to Drawing, with diverse practices, interests, and ranges of expertise.

Interested in our MFA program?

Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Graduate Advisor for the concentration of their interest for more information and to schedule a tour about our MFA Program.