We are committed to research that explores both the historical methods & conceptual considerations about the medium of Printmaking, with a special emphasis on leading the conversation into the future.

Who We Are

Vincente Delgado perfecting the lettering on his t-shirt design.

Printmaking offers a bridge between various new contemporary media, but also holds ties to discipline-specific technologies inherent to the history of industry. The MFA program in printmaking at Colorado State University is a 60-credit program that encourages students to earnestly explore their own artistic path in-depth, but also constantly question and critically examine their decisions throughout that process. While holding dear to the rich historical traditions of the medium, the dialogue surrounding what a print is will often be augmented by the investigation of what a print can be in the contemporary context.

We aim to facilitate the growth of each new cohort through engaging dialog that is inclusive, rigorous, & insightful.


Our program typically admits one applicants each year and typically keeps a cohort of 2 to 3 students in total. This allows for more focused studio time and feedback from advisors, while also allowing for stand-alone teaching opportunities and technical assistantships. We aim to facilitate the growth of each new cohort through engaging dialog that is inclusive, rigorous, and insightful. We encourage a diversity of applicants from various backgrounds.



Graduate study is a balance between deep investigation into personal studio work and continual dialog during small group critique sessions. We encourage our students to hone their own voice and relate their personal narrative to history and culture. They often work to identify a problem or issue in society and uniquely address that particular concern through their work.

Graduate students are presented with vast opportunity to participate in an R1 research institution through interdisciplinary collaborations. Students often enroll in courses outside of the department to enhance their studio work and deepen their research.

The successful graduate student will develop an in-depth body of printmaking work for an MFA qualifying exhibition. Students prepare a written thesis to accompany the MFA thesis body of work. They will present both their work and written thesis to their graduate committee in their MFA Thesis Defense. It is our intention that the program will contribute to the formation of educated artists.

Our Facilities


Graduate students are given large semi-private studio space across the hall from the main communal studio during their three years in the program & will have the opportunity to receive both technical & teaching assistantships throughout their time at CSU. The graduate studio area has its own lithographic press donated by the estate of Barbara Tisserat, as well as an intaglio press & flat file storage for all graduate students. Graduate students have 24-hour key access to the main printmaking studio.


Students have access to hundreds of historical print examples in the Printmaking area archives, in addition to the collections housed at the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art

Our Faculty

  • Johnny Plastini

    • Associate Professor of Printmaking
    • Graduate Advisor of Printmaking

Interested in our MFA program?

Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Graduate Advisor for the concentration of their interest for more information or to schedule a tour about our MFA Program.