wall of pottery pieces

Engage your curiosity through the hands-on experience of clay.

Who We Are

Colorado State University art student Saxon Martinez applies glaze to a cup in Sanam Emami's pottery class, December 4, 2018.

The Pottery concentration houses a vibrant community of committed makers, with faculty, undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students working side by side, encouraging, challenging, and inspiring one another.

Pottery, like all studio crafts, is both a practical and creative practice that opens up the mission of the Humanities within the Land-Grant University vision.

Student Work


As a student in the Pottery concentration, you will engage in the rigorous development of both making and thinking practices. You will be invested equally in technical skill, imaginative reach, technology and, aesthetics.



In your pottery classes, you will learn processes within the contemporary field: hand-building, wheel-throwing, slip-casting, glaze calculation, and kiln loading and firing.  These skills are taught in parallel with readings and discussions exploring Art, Design, Philosophy, Poetry, and Aesthetics.

The Pottery concentration maintains an active Visiting Artist program, organized by the Pottery Guild, inviting internationally renowned artists to demonstrate methods, display their work, and speak with students each year.  This student-run organization teaches professional practices such as networking, sales, marketing, and event coordination, through peer and faculty mentorship.

Digital fabrication tools and software are available through our Digital Fabrication Lab and learn 3D modelling and printing, the operation of laser cutters, and CNC machinery.

Post-Baccalaureate Program

This one-year, intensive studio program is designed for self-motivated students who have completed their undergraduate education and are seeking focused study in preparation for graduate school or other professional practice. Students are accepted by portfolio review. They work closely with the Pottery area faculty in the development of their own work, assist in the function of the studio, and often work as teaching assistants for undergraduate classes.

To request info about the Pottery Post-bac Program Contact Sanam Emami

Our Facilities


Experiment in our laboratory & test the boundaries of your imagination. Our studio is a laboratory that occupies 4,000 square feet & houses an impressive collection of tools for creating in clay.

The Visual Arts Building has its own dedicated Digital Fabrication Lab where you can learn 3D modeling & printing, the operation of laser cutters, & the use of CNC machinery. The Nancy Richardson Design center is a short walk away & several of our faculty members serve as instructors.


The classroom has 17 Lockerbie Pottery wheels, a treadle wheel, a Model 16 Adaptive Brent pottery wheel that is wheelchair accessible, an extruder, a spray booth, an installation space, a plaster mixing area, and an open studio space for building storing work. In addition, there are 12 electric kilns, 2 gas reduction kilns (one computer controlled for large sculpture), & a salt kiln. The studio provides space & materials for construction of special purpose & experimental kilns. It also contains a comprehensive glaze & materials lab, & two clay mixers.

Our Faculty

We are deeply committed to mentoring each student in developing their individual creative voice within the wider continuum of contemporary art and the diverse histories of material culture.