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We are committed to cultivating an atmosphere of open critical exchange & a community of intense artistic practice that promotes individual development of students as artists & thinkers.

Who We Are


Colorado State University’s MFA Fibers program is a 60 credit, self-guided program that embraces fibers in the broadest sense and fosters interdisciplinary approaches. Textile arts engage people with the study of human history, identity, and behavior. The field of contemporary fiber intersects with the worlds of art and design and promotes technical specializations as well as mixed-media and installation approaches.

Our graduate students work with active artists, scholars, and researchers. The textile community in Colorado offers opportunities to work and collaborate with arts organizations, exhibition venues, craft writers and publishers, and experts in many textile specialties. We place an emphasis on connecting our students with people and organizations who can foster individual growth and expertise.

We focus on developing the individual artistic direction of each artist.


The department’s small graduate population ensures that students in the Fibers concentration engage with people and ideas from many other fields. Regardless of a student’s home concentration, they will interact with faculty and peers in all specializations throughout their program of study.

The Fibers program challenges students to commit themselves to meaningful artistic investigations, deepen their understanding of textiles as an expressive medium, and to articulate their goals and endeavors at a professional level. While many students enter the program with undergraduate degrees in art, we also accept applicants with backgrounds in other fields. Accepted applicants demonstrate independent, promising development of personal artwork or engagement in design fields.



Graduate classes in Fibers help to prepare students for careers as artists, collaborators, teachers, and innovators. With guidance from faculty in all studio areas, students clarify their aesthetic goals and develop mastery of materials and expressive forms. The curriculum also allows students to work within undergraduate courses to gain new technical skills, engage with other concentrations and departments, and to gain experience with the expressive language of textiles.

Students in the Fibers concentration often choose to take elective coursework in the neighboring Department of Design & Merchandising, with classes in historic textiles, historic fashion, and digital technology.

Graduate students develop a body of work that is ready to exhibit in new venues. Through rigorous practice in writing and speaking, students develop communication skills that foster engagement within professional fields and in wider communities.

Our Facilities


Graduate students share semiprivate studio space near the undergraduate Fibers studio & area library. They also have access to facilities & workshops in the Visual Arts building including the computer & digital fabrication labs, studios in other specialization, as well as all of the offerings of a land-grant university.


On campus, students have access to textiles & other artworks in their collections of the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art & the Avenir Museum of Design & Merchandising

Our Faculty

Interested in our MFA program?

Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Graduate Advisor for the concentration of their interest for more information or to schedule a tour about our MFA Program.