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The Department of Art and Art History offers undergraduate degrees rooted in a progressive, challenging, and engaging curriculum. Our programs offer opportunities for international and interdisciplinary study and support our students’ individual paths in research and creative artistry.

Our program begins with our Foundations classes, an intensive inquiry into fundamental questions of art history, color and composition, materials and space as well as time and structure that lays the groundwork for your arts education. After completing the requirements of the Foundations Program, students can choose upper division courses in one of our ten concentration areas or choose to go into one of our B.A. options or learn how to teach art at a K-12 level.

A Bachelor of Art is a liberal arts degree that spans the arts and other disciplines that spark your imagination. You’ll become skillful in the studio arts and learn how your art form fits into the trajectory of history, thought, and cultural context.

Bachelor of Art

Art History


The Art History concentration seeks to develop students' critical and analytical skills and the ability to comprehend global visual arts within social, historical, cultural, and aesthetic frameworks. You’ll develop an understanding about the visual and material culture of societies from around the world. Our Art History program champions a global history of art, offering courses from that range from the Italian Renaissance to contemporary African art, from Gender and Feminisms to Native North American art. Students in art history go on to careers in academia, museums, historical societies, and auction houses, and can apply their skills in visual literacy and analytical research to a wide range of careers.

Integrated Visual Studies provides an opportunity for you to integrate your knowledge gained through visual arts coursework and study in another discipline. By reflecting on your personal and educational experiences, you will broaden your learning through an interdisciplinary lens. Thinking across disciplines and identifying your role in the visual arts, you will be prepared to create an original and satisfying career.

Integrated Visual Studies


Explore your creativity, hone your technique. Check out our options for a Bachelor in Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Art


Bachelor of Fine Art with Studio Concentration

Our B.F.A. program is a professional degree for the studio art major. You’ll explore various mediums and gain a foundational knowledge base in art history. You’ll get opportunities to learn from masters of their crafts as well as look back upon art throughout the ages, different forms of expression, and their impact on society. You will have diverse studio experiences designed to provide both depth and breadth and gain the fundamental knowledge and mastery of process necessary to communicate meaning in a work of art.

Bachelor of Fine Art in Art Education

Our B.F.A. in Art Education embraces the artist-teacher concept, allowing you to develop a strong studio concentration and take course work to prepare you to teach art at the K-12 level. You’ll engage in philosophical and theoretical studies, contemporary pedagogical practices, and arts-based research to prepare for the complexities of the K-12 art studio. Student teaching, field work, and service learning is expected and prepares you to enter a career as an art educator.


Certificate of Art History & Art History Minor

Two students examine an African sculpture

Are you CSU student looking to explore your interest in art history and visual culture? We have two options: a certificate of art history for art majors and a minor for non-art majors.