Learn how to speak in an expansive visual langauge.

Who We Are


Drawing is a diverse craft, an art of its own, an interdisciplinary intellectual exercise, and theory of a visual language. As a student in the Drawing concentration, you will build a solid foundation in the basics of drawing, learn perception skills, as well as acquire a visual vocabulary, and explore personal expression and a broad range of ideas and theories. You can go beyond paper and discover the possibilities of the medium. Our program encourages students to be highly motivated individuals that are engaged in drawing as a sophisticated fine art.

Student Work



Our drawing classes address drawing as a discipline, both as a historic tradition and contemporary art practice. You will learn how about drawing as an intellectual exercise and how to understand implicit biases. Students begin by studying and experimenting with the conventions of drawing, such as linear perspective, composition, design, and naturalism into their artist practice. From there, you will engage with observational and non-observational drawing and traditional and non-traditional drawing media. You’ll explore line, shape, value, texture, form, and space and open-endedly pursue intellectual and creative interests. Our program integrates peer-based group critiques and discussions into the classroom to foster student’s artistic growth.

Draw your own future


As with each of our concentrations, your coursework will be supported by our Foundations Program, giving you a visual language and a critical eye to participate in the world of drawing. Your work will display an advanced level of visual challenge and aesthetic and convey a sense of content and meaning. You will leave the program with a professional portfolio that allows you to take the next steps towards continuing an artistic practice.

Our Facilities

Take up space to create, observe, & meditate

The Drawing facilities boasts a generous amount of dedicated space for undergraduate students. Junior & senior drawing students have semi-private studio spaces they can access at any time. We believe this enables the development of an artist's personal language & gives them the ability to create professional-quality artistic works

The Visual Arts Building has its own dedicated Digital Fabrication Lab where you can learn 3D modeling & printing, the operation of laser cutters, & the use of CNC machinery. The Nancy Richardson Design center is a short walk away & several of our faculty members serve as instructors.

Our Faculty

This program draws on the expertise of three full time professors who offer a variety of views and perspectives through their different approaches to teaching, drawing, and artmaking in general.