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Re-envision the world around you through objects, space, & time.

Who We Are


As a student in the Sculpture program, you will experiment and innovate while exploring object-making, installation, site-based work, performance, time-based art, and digital processes. Through the exposure to a variety of technical processes, materials, and conceptually based explorations, students will develop a rich practice of making and expression.

Student Work


As artists, we are responsible and empowered to embrace global perspectives, diversity, and engage in meaningful self-reflection. In this pursuit, students in Sculpture are challenged to shape their creative research through an ambitious investigative approach exploring and situating their work not only in relationship to contemporary art practice, but also in the context of the changing world around them.



The field of sculpture has a rich historical tradition and an extremely diverse and expansive contemporary practice. Classes in the Sculpture area are designed to enable you to explore a range of sculptural methods while developing an understanding of how art production is connected with the past, present, and future of our society. Through the integration of readings, theoretical classroom discussion, presentations, and individually directed research, you will develop a unique visual language and direction for your personal studio practice.

As with each of our concentrations, your coursework will be supported by our Foundations Program, where you will learn a visual language and the technical skills to find your voice to participate in the evolving world of sculpture.

In your senior year, you will develop a highly focused BFA thesis that is well-grounded, progressive, and challenging in its outcome. The program fosters professional practice through individual artist presentations, the production of an image portfolio, knowledge of professional exhibition and installation techniques, the development of an artist statement, and a professional resume. You will leave the program well-equipped to take the next steps into your career, with an understanding of what it takes to maintain a robust and sustainable professional practice.

Our Facilities


The Sculpture main studio encompasses 3800 square feet studio space that can accommodate a range of material-based practices with specific areas for working with wood, metal, & wet materials. Undergraduate students in Sculpture have 24-hour access to the sculpture main studio. After-hours tool & equipment access is monitored for introductory students;independent tool & equipment access is available for intermediate & advanced students based on experience & faculty permission. Advanced Sculpture students are provided with a shared senior studio connected to the Sculpture area woodshop.


The sculpture studio is well equipped & includes multiple bandsaws for wood & metal, sanders, grinders, drill presses, a metal cut-off saw, a table saw (Saw-top technology) wood compound miter saw, metal shear & brake, 50" slip roller, oxy-acetylene welding & heating set-ups, a variety of welders (arc, MIG & TIG), two plasma cutters, a coal forge, sewing machines, electric clay kilns in addition to numerous electric & pneumatic hand tools & other equipment.


Sculpture students have access to the Digital Fabrication Lab & Workshop. They may also pursue training for access to additional equipment at the Nancy Richardson Design Center, located immediately south of the Visual Arts Building. Sculpture students have access to other exhibition spaces.

Our Faculty

The department has three full-time faculty members who engage in Sculpture-based creative research.