Ram Walk Has a New Look

Lapham’s contest entry spoke to the campus experience

By Mike Brohard

A few hours after a morning thunderstorm had moved through the area, allowing Meridian Avenue to dry, Jocelyn Lapham was back at work.

With help from some fellow students, she was busy outlining design aspects inside 8-foot-tall letters spelling Stalwart, the centerpiece of the new Ram Walk design. Inside each letter will reflect life on campus – through her eyes and the experiences of others.

Using padding under her knees, Lapham, a fifth-year visual arts major with a concentration in graphic design, knelt down to bring her project to life in a grander fashion than she had ever seen. What she had designed on her computer seemed so small on a 16-inch screen. Now, it was stretching out for 494 feet, 6 inches.

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