Congratulation to Jiuchen Dong and Grace Bockelmann! Dong’s unisex children’s product line for Target and Bockelmann’s “Modular Front” and “We Are Back!” were chosen to be shown  at the the National Student Show and Conference from April 13-14, 2023 in Dallas, Texas.

NSSC is a two days of studio tours, workshops, portfolio reviews, keynote speakers, discussion panel, selected entries gallery, and awards presentation to help students at all levels enhance their design education and prepare for the professional world.

Having work in NSSC is a notable accomplishment and Roberto Muntoreanu, assistant professor of graphic design, encouraged his students to submit work.

“The National Student Show & Conference is the largest national conference and competition for communication arts students, drawing up to 800 students and educators each year,” says Muntoreanu, “Being in the show is a way to confirm the excellence of the work produced by our talented students.”