Cyane Tornatzky co-authored a book on artists working in the medium of virtual reality with Brandon Kelley, a former Electronic Art student who is now a Computer Science PhD candidate. An Artistic Approach to Virtual Reality traces the lineage of artist/technologists who have worked with virtual reality in its infancy to the interactive virtual work of contemporary artists such as Laurie Anderson. Interlaced within a survey of artists whose works fit in the boundary of the interactive virtual medium, this book teases out what qualifies as interactive virtual artworks.

Additionally, Tornatzky’s Song was screened as part of “Local Accomplices” during Denver Month of Video on July 1. Local Accomplices is a screening that brings together a selection of video works + live video performances by Colorado artists. Through their visionary narratives, these artists invite viewers on a thought-provoking journey that encompasses personal recollections, the profound complexities of the land, and the shared stories that shape our collective understanding.