Forrest Gerke (BFAPainting and BA, Art History 2008is an artist, musician, and writer in New York City. His visual art focuses on the figure and he uses the body to express different concepts and to create images that people can relate to. He maintains a robust and explorative creative life outside of his day job. 

After graduating from CSU, Forrest ended up in the tech industry and moved to New York City in 2010. He currently lives in the Washington Heights neighborhood, in Manhattan. The entire city is under shelter in place orders and has been for the past 4 weeks. He’s fortunate that his apartment doubles as his studio space. 

To stay busy, he’s been working on a series of self-portraits which is atypical for him but he’s working with what’s available. While his previous work was predominately black and white, his new self-portraits are using color to change things up. 

Prior to the pandemic, he spent his weeks at the Metropolitain Museum of Art, sketching the works of the masters. He mostly draws right now and creates monoprint and Lino prints inspired by what he learned from a class he took while learning at CSU. 

Even when I am not feeling very creative or the energy is not really there,” he says of making art, I have never spent a couple of hours in my studio and then felt like the time would have been better spent watching re-runs of Law and Order instead. The studio time is always worth it.” 

On top of his art practice, he’s been baking bread and taking long walks when he can, as the help him maintain a sense of routineTo see more of his work, check out his website at and follow him on Instagram @forrestgerke.