Integrated Visual Studies provides an opportunity for students to integrate their knowledge from previous visual arts coursework, their study in another discipline, reflect on their experiences, and integrate their learning through an inter- or transdisciplinary lens. Students are expected to synthesize their academic and artistic experience drawn from the BA program and apply core competencies, foundations, perspectives, and knowledge. With their experience in the Art & Art History Department and their concentration in a secondary field, students will be asked to identify, evaluate, and analyze disciplinary knowledge in the larger academic context and disciplinary interaction with society-at-large. Furthermore, students will actively participate in collaborative and interdisciplinary activities to complete their capstone. By participating across disciplines and thus identifying their roles in the larger professional and scholastic communities, students completing this BA concentration will be better prepared for their transition into careers or further study.

Students will synthesize their learning in a capstone project that might include:

  • Performances
  • Exhibitions
  • Debates. Conferences, Panels
  • Written Curriculum
  • Research Papers
  • Service Learning
  • Poster Sessions

This list is by no means exhaustive and students should think broadly and creatively when considering their investigation in their chosen area of investigation.