Woodshop Supervisor and Fabrications Coordinator


  • Office Hours:

    Monday- Friday 8-5
  • Role:

  • Position:

    • Woodshop Supervisor and Fabrications Coordinator
  • Department:

    • Art and Art History
  • Education:

    • Assoc. Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Lorain County Community College
    • BFA Sculpture, Kent State University
    • MFA Sculptural and Dimensional Studies, Alfred University


Cecelia earned her MFA from Alfred University in 2011 where she focused on bronze casting and the construction and operation of a DIY CNC milling machine. Her research interests are focused on the application of additive and subtractive computer controlled manufacturing process applied to an artistic practice. Her practice is currently focused on the exploration and creation of 3d fractal like forms using specialized software and 3d printing.

She has multiple permanent installations on the CSU campus in the RDC and the Ramskeller. She has most notably worked with artist Kyle Singer on "Salawn" for Meow Wolf at Convergence Station in Denver.

Outside of work she can generally be found lounging with her two cats, making a mess in her studio, or hiking/biking with her lovely wife and best friend Kat.