Designs & Images 2022

PSD 2022
PSD 2022
PSD 2022

The Designs & Images Art Show: a Celebration of the Creative Process has a 48-year long tradition of showcasing the visual arts in Poudre School District. Over the years, the exhibition has changed venues, the art programs have adapted to teach the current visual arts state standards and the art teachers continue to transform their practice to inspire and build trust with their students.  Last year we adapted to the global pandemic by creating our first virtual art show. This year we will continue our virtual presence to celebrate the 2021-22 creative work of our students.

This show is a celebration of the creative process. Rather than solely focusing on the students’ finished art products, our goal is to also capture what the learning and art making looks like in the art studio. This show highlights the resilience, craftsmanship, depth of thinking from our students and the innovation and tenacity of our art teachers. These images and videos exemplify why we celebrate art and why art matters.

Please join us in partnership with the CSU Clara Hatton Gallery and the creative work of Silvia Minguzzi for a virtual snapshot of art-making during the 2021-22 school year.

Kimberly Lovett Noel

District Art Facilitator and Educator


engage & persist






stretch & EXPLORE