Photo Image Making Classroom

Our classroom is a flexible space that can be set up for lectures or demonstrations as needed.  It has both digital and analog slide projection systems, along with a podium equipped with a document camera, DVD/Blueray component, and complete internet access for presentations and lectures.


Photo Image Making Studio

Our studio production facilities include a Mac-based computer lab with multiple work stations, as well as Epson scanning equipment and inkjet printers.  Photo students can also access department computer labs for work on other Mac and PC format computers as needed to complete projects.  We have two darkrooms available for enrolled students.  A 10-station darkroom is dedicated to 35mm format and ART 230 instruction.  Intermediate and advanced classes can access a 12-station darkroom that can accommodate enlargement work from 35mm to 8”x10” film formats.  In addition to our inkjet printing for color imagery, we have a 31-inch continuous-feed RA-4 processor that offers color print enlarging capacity up to 30”x40” from any film format up to 8”x10”, fed through a 2-station color enlarger darkroom.   The facility is completed by a large print finishing area that includes mounting and matting equipment.

Photo Shooting Studio

Students wishing to work in a controlled lighting environment can utilize an image capture studio that is equipped with both electronic strobe and continuous source lighting equipment, seamless backdrops and a heavy-duty camera stand, as well as copy stand and vertical magnetic copy boards for flat work.