Located on the north end of the Visual Arts Building E-wing, the 2,000 square foot Metalsmithing and Jewelry studio includes a large, well-ventilated main studio area outfitted with 24 jeweler’s benches, two large work tables, rolling flex-shafts, and a large selection of specialized hand tools. There are separate rooms for raising and forming, casting, enameling, buffing and grinding, welding, and blacksmithing processes. Students have access to a wide range of forming and forging anvils, stakes, and hammers, rolling mills, a draw bench, a 20-ton hydraulic press, multiple soldering and heating torch systems, drill presses, a B-2 Beverly shear and 12” guillotine-style shear, vacuum and centrifugal casting machines, enameling kilns, etching and patina processes, and buffing and finishing equipment. A MIG and TIG welder are available for use, as well as both a gas forge and coal-fired forge located in our 300 square foot blacksmithing shed.

The studio also includes a flexible workspace used for artwork installation, group critiques, student meetings, and as a space to eat, talk, and relax. Students also have access to the Art Department’s woodshop, digital-fabrication studio, and computer lab.