Engaged Art Walk

Where are You in the Movement? Yellow and Black Poster Image

The Engaged Art Walk is an arts-based community building project and an outdoor exhibition space that features rotating installations that integrate art, society, and education. Located on the north side of CSU's Visual Art building, the Arts Walk is a visible space for activating CSU’s Principles of Community, as well as our educational and outreach missions.

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Black Lives Matter: Where are YOU in the movement? 

Inaugural educational project for 2020-2021

We supporthe nation-wide street art movement that emerged in the summer of 2020, where the statement “Black Lives Matter“ was emblazoned in yellow block lettering on the groundThe artwork connects with  the Black Lives Matter movement as well as street and guerilla art, calling attention to the need for antiracism work on personal, social, institutional and political levels. This year we honor the three founders of the BLM movement, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi. The installation is a form of street art offering an ephemeral, direct, and timely means for artists to make bold statements to engage in conversation with broad audience by becoming part of the everyday visual landscape. The Martin typeface used in CSU’s mural by license was inspired by remnants of the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike and was design by Black typographer Tré Seals. 

Painting the BLM Mural at the Visual Arts Building
BLM Where are you in the Movement Identity
Group Shot of Mural Participants