CSU Art Student Pursues Comic Art

Kennedy Lindsay has loved comics ever since he was a little kid. The 4th-year student of the Department of Art and Art History has worked throughout his college career to bring the art of some of his favorite comics into his classes, but devotes a fair amount of his free time to creating art based on some of his favorite comics as well. This Winter Break, for example, Lindsay has been working on comic-style drawings of a variety of characters including some well-known figures like Batman. The characters of DC comics, including Batman, have always had a particular draw for Lindsay. That connection was made even stronger last year, when Lindsay connected with a colorist named Jeremiah Skipper on Instagram. Skipper and Lindsay began talking over the Internet, and soon began to collaborate. It wasn’t long after Skipper had finished coloration on one of Lindsay’s drawings that Skipper was hired professionally as a colorist by DC comics. Though now employed by one of the most well-known comic companies there is, Skipper still collaborates with Lindsay, including work on the Batman drawing. Though this connection, among other things, has allowed for DC comics to remain one of Lindsay’s biggest influences, his list of inspirations does not end there. Lindsay admits that his work is often “compared to Basquiat” — the famous street artist active in New York City in the 1980s. Lindsay is alright with this, as he confesses that Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of his all-time favorite artists. Recently, Lindsay has been exploring elements of Eastern comic art, found in genres of graphic novels such as Manga. From an assortment of comics, to nods to punk art of the mid-80s, Lindsay has sought inspiration from a wide array of sources, and developed a style all his own that he hopes to one day bring into a career drawing comics professionally. Until then, though, he’ll continue incorporating his favorite things into art for the enjoyment of creating it.

Story by Jane Thompson

Batman, by Kennedy Lindsay.