Nikolas Kasinos “Shifting Bodies” | Electronic Art Gallery

Nikolas Kasinos is a multidisciplinary artist from Cyprus. He has received his undergraduate degree from London College of Communication, University of The Arts, London in 2011. He will be showcased at the Electronic Art Gallery at Colorado State University. His practice involves the exploration of identity, gender, transformation and mutation through the observation of human behaviour, media, popular culture and the power dynamics within socio-political structures. Working extensively with the image as it re-presents the self and using his body as a subject, he explores the collective representation of ‘the self’ within different contexts. The self in a metamorphosis, through which we can understand the materiality of our expressive modes.

Nikolas will doing a live, improvised performance as part of his solo exhibition ‘Shifting Bodies’ in the Electronic Art Gallery, Please join us at 5:30 pm November 4, 2016.

The show “Shifting Bodies” will run from November 4th to December 1st,