The Electronic Art Gallery’s mission is twofold. Firstly, the gallery is a venue for professional and student artists to showcase their work. The gallery will focus on artworks that explore the wide-ranging mediums and concepts found under the umbrella term of “digital art.” Secondly, the gallery’s offerings are intended to demonstrate a dedication to the cultural enrichment of Colorado State University’s students and the local Fort Collins community.

The Electronic Art gallery encourages experimentation through the presentation of works in a wide variety of formats. This can include but is not limited to exhibitions, performance, outreach, and related educational programming.

June 30 to July 27 2017ARTIST TALK JULY 28 4:30 pm

Kristin Stransky creates engaging and often playful artworks focused on social interaction, gender socialization and cultural expectations. Her artworks range from wearables and 3D printing to interactive art and installations. She is featured as a Westword “100 Colorado Creatives” and has participated in multiple interviews, articles, and conferences including ISEA and NMC at CAA.

February 20 to April 15 2017
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29841141413_dc8d61bcb6_o Nikolas Kasinos
November 3 – 28 2016Opening November 3,  5 -7 pm
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Print Victoria Bradbury:
Assay // Heresay
March 25 to April 15 2016
Opening March 31 5:00 -7:00 pm
Artist Talk: April 6, 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Electronic Art Classroom
Victoria’s website is here.
Victoria Bradbury is a media artist weaving programming code, physical computing, body and object.




postcard_front  Alan Perry: Virtual Memory
February 1 to February 29 2016
Opening and Artist TalkFebruary 5th 5-7 pmAlan’s website is here.Alan Perry is not married to any one photographic process- the fine-art photographer,…works with whatever process the project lends itself to


 small-motion-art-website  Heidi Eversley, KendraFleischman
Lotta-Pia Kallio, Richard Eversley
ARTIST TALK and CLOSING :  November 20th, 2015 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Electronic Art GalleryThese artists are part of Curious TV – a motion arts gallery “without walls”. The focus is on art that has been created via digital motion methods and technology.
motionArt5 motionArt4
motionArt3 motionArt2
 mechaMotion card Glenda Drew is an artist and designer whose research and practice centers on making art that supports social change through an inventive and often playful approach. From scratch-n-sniff trading cards to Viewmaster reels, Drew uses the language of media and technology to create messaging with social implications and encourage social change. Glenda’s site is here
 glenda3  glenda2
 glenda6  glenda5


Undergraduate Show: Spring 2017 
May 16 to May 12 2017
Opening and Artist Talk

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