About Sculpture

The Sculpture program at Colorado State University challenges students to create a vibrant fusion between technical process, conceptual expression, and professionalism. Students are encouraged to experiment and innovate while exploring content in the areas of object-making, installation, site-based work, performance, time-based art, and digital processes. Through the integration of readings, classroom discussion, presentations, and individual research, the Sculpture curriculum is designed to enable students to explore concepts and content relevant both in today’s contemporary society and in the art world. The synthesis of this broad spectrum of information is intended to aid students as they develop a unique personal vision for their artwork and studio practice. Refined technical skill will be developed and is a requirement for students as they progress through the Sculpture concentration.

Capstone students in Sculpture are expected to develop a highly focused BFA thesis that is both grounded in the history of sculptural practice while progressive and challenging in its outcome. Professional practice is fostered through individual artist presentations, the production of an image portfolio, knowledge of professional presentation techniques, the development of an artist statement, and a professional resume.

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Sculpture Studio

The Sculpture studio is well equipped and recently updated. Sculpture encompasses 3800 square feet of studio space that has been divided into work spaces for wood working, metal working, wet materials, casting, general use, and a senior studio. Studio equipment includes: multiple bandsaws for wood and metal, sanders, grinders, drill presses, a metal cut-off saw, a table saw (Saw-stop technology), wood compound miter saw, metal shear and brake, 50” slip roller, oxy-acetylene welding and heating set-ups, a variety of welders (arc, MIG and TIG), two plasma cutters, a coal forge, a complete foundry, electric clay kilns in addition to numerous electric and pneumatic hand tools.