About Electronic Art

The Electronic Art concentration in CSU’s art department uses digital mediums for the creation, visualization and output of artwork.

Since it started in 2014, graduated CSU Electronic Art Alumni have found careers in: User Experience and Information Architecture; Web Design; Motion Design; Video Art; Video Editing; k-12 Technology Education; the designing, coding and maintenance of a school district intranet; and of course…new media art.

Electronic Art Curriculum

ART 256 – Introduction to digital media 

This is an introduction to the concepts, hardwares and softwares used in new media art. In the past this has included investigations into Adobe software, as well as open source and Creative Commons applications; video basics, animation basics; and html and css.


ART 358 – Experimental Video

ART 458 – Advanced Experimental Video

These courses address issues and concepts in contemporary video and in the past has included: live streaming performance; shooting and editing video; video work for projection into the Dome theater; sound art and sound design; music creation; and experimental video processes


ART 357 – Interactive Media

ART 457 – Advanced Interactive Media

These courses address issues and concepts in interactive media and in the past have included investigations into: game design as artwork; user experience and user architecture; ; MAX/MSP; Virtual and Augmented Realities; and HTML/CSS Javascript and libraries.


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