The BA Studio art degree offers students a bit more flexibility in their degree program with a decreased requirement for studio class and an increase in upper division non-art electives. Students selecting this option have typically been those changing to an Art major after their first year; students enrolled in a minor requiring substantial upper division coursework; or students who want to pursue exploration in art while preparing for graduate school in areas outside of the visual arts.

Since the BA Studio requires two semesters of foreign language, incoming freshmen with at least a year of high school foreign language credits are encouraged to take the placement exam upon admission to CSU to see if one or more semesters of this coursework may be waived in lieu of their placement scores.

Students seeking the BA Studio will do upper division coursework in their selected concentration. Concentrations in Drawing, Photo Image Making, Pottery, Metalsmithing, Fibers, Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture are offered as both BFA and BA options. Concentrations in Graphic Design and Electronic Art are offered as a BFA only and not available in the BA Studio. Consultation with an art adviser can help students determine their best course of study.