ART 492A – Museum Collections: From Storage to Exhibition

FAll 2014, TR 3:30 — 4:45
University Center for the Arts, Room 222

This course is intended to introduce students to topics involving museum collections and expose them to museum collection issues. Topics will be addressed through readings, documentary films, guest speakers, object research, site visits and hands-on museum projects. Students will be asked to research an object from the collection and give a presentation using creative ways to engage visitors drawing on personal insight they have gained through close examination and investigation.

Enrollment is limited with instructor’s approval.

For more information and to enroll, contact Suzanne Hale, email

Thesis Topics

  • In the Realms of the Unreal: An Exploration into the Mind of an Outsider Artist – Becky Wareing
  • Homosexual Art: Re-imagining the Power Dynamics of the Patriarchal System – Libby Barbee
  • Avant-Garde Fiber Artists: How the Fiber Arts are Transcending Craft – Dylan Reitmeyer
  • Esther Bubley and her Photographic Essays – Jennifer Colvin
  • From Subways to Sony: Graffiti Art and Commercial Culture in Twentieth Century America – Carrie Schoch-Smith
  • Peacock Symbolism: God and Decadence – Molly Cunningham
  • Portraits of Persuasion: Mistresses and the Portrait in Revolutionary France – Heather Hull
  • La Muestra Rural and Bourgeoisie Propaganda – Nathan Troop
  • A Dalang within Illustration: Jan Toorop’s Symbolist Works from 1889-1897 – Rebecca Valenta
  • Bernini’s Louis XIV: An Example of Classicism and French Academic Standards – Shelby Wood
  • Inuit Carvings: Craft or Fine Art – Caroline Maloney
  • The Crossing of Mayan Beliefs and Christian Ideals in Pre-Columbian and Post-Conquest Mexico – Stefanie Somerfelt
  • Jose Guadalupe Posada and the Mexican Muralists: Visual Monument to a National Identity – Melissa Johnson
  • Symbolism in “Primitive” Art: An Exploration of Form and Content in the Art of the Maori – Lindsey Mikash
  • Kandinsky’s Color: An Exploration of the Emotive Qualities of Color – Sara Shelton
  • The Aesthetics of a Urinal – Annie McNeil
  • Max Ernst: The War Years – Merritt Mutchler
  • Dorothea Lange and the Migrant Mother – Casey Kaylor
  • A Feminist Exploration of Hildegard von Bingen – Kimberly Kronwall
  • Frida Kahlo and What the Water Gave Me: a Surrealist Work? – Lynsey Hill
  • The Aesthetics of Darwinism in the 19th Century – Kristan Butterfield
  • Probing the Art and Porn of Annie Sprinkle – Alison Green
  • Iconology in Tenochtitlan – Tessa Harvey
  • Gauguin’s World: The Development of a New Aesthetic in Tahiti – Christy Costello
  • Inca Stone: Form, Function and Aesthetic – Mike Estes
  • The Intent of the Medici Cycle – Michelle French
  • Edward Munch and the Sublime Aesthetic – Forrest Gerke