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BFA — Printmaking

About Printmaking

Printmaking classes explore the possibilities of printmaking as a creative fine arts involvement.

Printmaking classes are taught in a workshop atmosphere and are structured to help students develop personal visions and instill the self-confidence necessary to allow ongoing creative growth. A sound technical background in a variety of media provides students the basic knowledge to explore images and ideas. The workshop presumes the notion that the interaction of serious, highly motivated artists sharing visual concepts and technical investigations can lead to unique, personal visual statements.

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Printmaking Classes

  • ART265 - Printmaking I
    This class emphasizes the intaglio and relief printmaking processes. Zinc and copper plates are utilized to support etching, engraving, aquatint, softground, drypoint and mezzotint techniques. Relief work is undertaken with wood, linoleum and metal surfaces. Single, multiple and reductive cutting approaches are explored. Slide lectures reinforce historical and contemporary concepts. Individual and group critiques are ongoing.
  • ART365 - Printmaking II
    This class emphasizes the lithographic printmaking process. Drawing, etching, processing and printing on stones and aluminum plates is the focus of this class. Direct drawing and transfer processes are explored using black and white and color printing. Slide lectures show historical and contemporary concerns utilizing the lithographic medium. Individual and group critiques are scheduled throughout the semester.
  • ART366 - Printmaking III
    Advanced intaglio, relief and lithographic processes are taught in a single workshop. Experimental, risk-taking approaches are encouraged. Individual and group critiques continue.
  • ART465 - Printmaking IV
    Advanced intaglio, relief and lithographic processes continue in this senior-level class. The concept of problem finding rather than problem solving continues to be a primary concern. Mixed-media approaches, scale, color and unique single images are explored. Critiques continue.
  • ART466 - Printmaking V
    Advanced intaglio, relief and lithographic processes provide imagery that culminates in a senior thesis exhibition for each senior printmaking student. The development of a high quality portfolio of work is a major aspect of this class. Career guidance and graduate school considerations are provided through highly individualized instruction.