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BFA — Photography

About Photography

As one might expect from photography courses offered in an art department at the university level, we concentrate on expressive, personal applications of the medium, encouraging each student to explore individual directions with equal emphasis given to intuitive and intellectual concerns.

Work produced is evaluated for both technical excellence as well as aesthetic qualities. In the Art Department, our curriculum is concentrated toward providing each participant with a strong foundation in the technical fundamentals of the equipment and materials that are involved in the photographic process, while emphasizing investigation of the medium for its expressive potential and understanding its connections to the contemporary issues and trends present in the art world. While interdisciplinary and experimental work is encouraged, more traditional and conventional processes are simultaneously strongly supported. We have the facilities to enable offerings in a wide range of processes and techniques, from standard silver-based imagery production to alternative non-traditional processes such as gum bichromate and palladium printing, with more processes becoming available each semester. In short, we have the ability to provide information and instruction in whatever image making strategy a student wishes to pursue.

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Photography Classes

  • ART230 - Photo Image Making I
    Basic technical foundations course, covering camera fundamentals, exposure, black and white silver-based printing, presentation and related issues. Historical overview of the photographic medium as it relates to art is provided. Emphasis toward personal, expressive investigations and uses of the medium.
  • ART330 - Photo Image Making II
    Further investigations into the photographic process. Emphasis on the "Fine Print", archival processing, large format photography, studio lighting. The traditions of still life fabrication, the "portrait", and interpretive use of landscape are explored.
  • ART331 - Photo Image Making III Color photography.
    Concentration on type "C" printing (color negative) with emphasis on large format use. Facilities are available for 35mm through 4x5 formats. Slide production, hand applied color, and other processes are utilized and discussed. Personal understanding and use of color imagery as it relates to individual direction is stressed. Contemporary readings and criticism are integrated into the course. Supplemental investigations into non-silver imagery (Van Dyke Brown, Cyanotype, Palladium/Platinum, Gum Bichromate, etc.) are also undertaken.
  • ART430 - Advanced Photo Image Making I
    Concentration on individual direction and issues. Contemporary readings and criticism continued, with weekly discussions held on current art-making issues and trends stressed. Written projects and critical interactions with peers are required. Vocational and career related topics are emphasized throughout the course.
  • ART431 - Advanced Photo Image Making II
    Continuation of concentration on individual direction. Exhibition of work required as evaluation of culmination of photographic studies.
  • ART495 Independent Study - Photo Image Making
  • ART496 - Group Study in PhotoImage Making
    Group study in specific processes (alternative processes, experimental camera/experimental darkroom, mural printing, etc.) or issues (post-modernism and photography, feminist use of imagery, social issues, etc.).