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BFA — Painting

About Painting

The painting program is based on the premise of learning the visual language from a very elemental level which progressively becomes more rigorous and challenging as the student moves through the various levels of the curriculum.

The emphasis is on developing basic skills, involvement with the medium, and expressing visual ideas within the paintingmedium. Discipline and perseverance are developed and strengthened throughout the upper levels of the painting program. While this information may seem quite general in nature, hopefully it will provide you with a little more insight into what the painting program offers.

View Foundations Area Prerequisites.

Painting Classes

  • ART260 Painting I
    This oil painting course specializes in the formal elements of the visual language.Form, line, value, texture and light will be explored in depth. A variety of subject matter will be explored, including still life, interior/exterior, landscape and the figure.
  • ART360 Painting II
    Techniques and concepts inherent in acrylic media with emphasis on visual explorations and risk taking.
  • ART361 Painting III (Figure Painting)
    Compositions and techniques in oil using the human figure as reference.
  • ART460 Advanced Painting I
    In this course students are assigned an individual studio space and are exported to develop a body of thesis work which uses the knowledge and skills students have acquired to foster the development of an individual body of work with a unique point of view.
  • ART461 Advanced Painting II
    Students continue to develop paintings of a personal idiom.
  • ART495 Independent Study