Electronic Art

The Program

CSU's Art Department is proud to present its Electronic Art program. With classes slated for the Fall 2012 roster, feedback has been that students are excited to expand their artistic investigations into the realm of the digital. Until coursework clears the curriculum committee, Electronic Art classes are being taught within the Graphic Design program. While not ideal due to space and time conflicts, the situation has given the department a chance to evaluate student demand for the courses and given the students a chance to try their hand at digital art.

The Site

This site presents to you a showcase student's work either from Electronic Art courses or influenced by work done in those courses. Again, these students have taken the Electronic Art courses currently residing within the Graphic Design program. These courses are Screen Design and/or Video Editing and Effects classes, currently listed as ART 455 and ART 356/456.

The Medium

Electronic Art is described as using technology and/or electronic media to create artwork with a strong conceptual foundation. While most often including a CPU or computer, Electronic Art can involve the creation of websites, digital video or even electronic music and sounds. Examples of technologies/electronic media used are: a video camera that captures movement and in turn triggers an event on a screen; interactive internet sites and apps for mobile devices; a microcontroller used to capture environmental sounds and in turn cause a kinetic sculpture to move.

The Work

The thumbnail images you see are examples of projects by students who have taken Electronic Art classes. Whether it be screen design or video editing and effects, the students have been able to take what they have learned into interesting directions.