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BA — Art History

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Our goal is to develop students' critical skills and ability to comprehend global visual arts within a social, historical and aesthetic framework. Class format involves lecture and discussion with courses ranging from 90 student lecture survey classes to advanced seminar or group study classes of 10-20. Because of the comparative nature of Art History, majors are required to complete courses in a second field, a foreign language and aesthetic philosophy. A capstone seminar challenges students' ability to integrate the social, historical and aesthetic significance of visual art in a comprehensive research paper.

Wireless lecture and seminar classes are supplied with podium access to video, DVD, slide, and document projection, including LUNA Insight digital formats. Visual and library resources are available in the department's Stanley G. Wold Resource Center and through the Morgan Library.

Art History majors have two active student organizations within the Department of Art, the Student Organization of Visual Arts (SOVA) and the Collegiate Organization for Critics and Art Historians (COCAH).

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Lower division course work for majors requires a 3-semester art history survey, which provides a chronological, global overview of key monuments within a visual cultural context. Upon completely the survey classes, a comprehensive multiple choice monument test is given as a refresher and in preparation for later upper division art history course studies. Lower division foundational studio courses introduce majors to the principles and techniques of two and three-dimensional arts.

Upper division course work for majors allows a student to choose from a broad selection of art history classes, including seminars, group studies or education abroad courses. Additionally, majors choose a second field of study and a foreign language (preferably French or German) to complete at an introductory level.

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Seminars & Group Study Topics

Thesis Topics
ART 492A: Art History Seminar
ART 496H Landscape in Art, Group Study


ART419 (offered fall term only). This is the required capstone experience for senior art history majors and as preparation for potential graduate studies in the field.

Description: The discipline of art history has been both defined and challenged by different methods and theories. The ways in which we research, interpret and describe works of art, artists and artistic movements are determined, to a large extent, by a centuries old historical framework. Students will address and begin to analyze, through lectures, presentations, discussions and readings, these different critical methods, beginning with a brief overview of early theoretical issues and then concentrating on art historical methodology and theories to the present. Students will prepare and present a major research paper on a topic of their choice.

Art History Faculty

Please feel free to e-mail, leave us a phone message or drop in during office hours.

Dicesare headshotDr. Catherine DiCesare
Area Coordinator
Pre-Columbian Art, Early Modern European Art, Summer Study in Italy
Room F112 Visual Arts Building
(970) 491-7230

Moseman headshotDr. Eleanor Moseman, Art History Foundation Coordinator
Modern European Art and Architecture
Room F-110A Visual Arts Building

Frickman headshotLinny Frickman
Director, University Art Museum, 19th and 20th Century Art, Contemporary Art Theory
130A University Center for the Arts
(970) 491-7634